photograph by Orestes Gonzalez

New York artist Maria Spector explores issues of identity through the medium of paint. With a BA in art and psychology from Binghamton University, a Masters in counseling and consulting psychology from Harvard, and an MFA in painting from Queens college, she is able to delve deep into the meaning of her work, bringing an insightfulness that is often disarming. Ms. Spector has received Individual Artist Support Grants from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, Queens Council on the Arts and the New York State Council on the Arts.  In New York, she has shown at PS 122, NURTUREart Gallery, HEREart, Omni, and The Local. She has taken part in museum and university shows at The Anchorage Museum, The Binghamton University Museum, Opalka galleries at Sage College, Purdue University Galleries and at the Patchogue Biennial at Briarcliff College. Additionally, she has been a panelist and curator for various art organizations including Project Diversity Queens. Her work was featured in the Money Magazine article “The Art of the Internet: How to Surf your Way to an Enviable Art Collection.”